ROEUN Narith

Research Associate (On Study Leave)

Mr Roeun Narith is research associate in the Centre for Development Economics and Trade, CDRI. He graduated with a masters of Commerce (Agricultural) from Lincoln Unversity, New Zealand in 2018. His fields of research interest include agribusiness value chains, agribusiness organisations, agricultural global value chains, public-private partnership in agriculture and other agricultural development-related issues. At CDRI, he has been research team leader, lead author, component leader, advisors and members of various projects. Before the position at CDRI, he has gained extensive experience working with development partners, e.g. Cambodia-HARVEST USAID funded, FAO, FFI and CEPA.

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ROEUN Narith

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In close coordination with local governments and organizations, the project will identify gender-sensitive policies and good practices from the macro to micro level that will support the recovery process and improve resilience among vulnerable women workers and micro, small, and medium enterprises. It will facilitate policy dialogue and coordin...

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This regional project aims to investigate the agricultural value chain of two selected products exported from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to China in the hope of exploring, among other things, key actors, their interactions, benefits, value-added and challenges. The project also plans to map out non-tariff measures (NTMs) intr...