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Working Papers 112

This study uses panel data collected in 11 villages in 2011-14 to investigate the impact of microcredit on paddy harvest and income, input costs for paddy production, and self-employment income. The panel data make it possible to implement difference-in-differences and triple-differences estimators. The results show that credit participants hav...

Cambodia Development Review 19 - 3
PHANN Dalis   (2015)

Working Papers 92
PHANN Dalis   (2014)

This paper explores labour market structure and employment links to poverty in Cambodia. Employment elasticity of growth, labour productivity and real wage growth are the main indicators of the labour market situation, while probit models estimate the connection between household employment and poverty likelihood. The paper combines macro and m...

International Publications 1

The study examines the characteristics, root causes, and challenges of irregular migration from Cambodia and then discusses the regulatory approaches and policy options to manage it. It employed mixed approaches, including a survey of 507 households in six high-migration villages, focus group discussions with returned and intending migrant workers,...

Cambodia Development Review 17 - 4
PHANN Dalis   (2013)

Working Papers 60

The noticeable rise in foreign direct investment (FDI) in agricultural land in developing countries in Africa, South and Central Asia and Latin America in recent years has sparked concerns among civil society groups and international organisations as to the potential impacts on poor local communities’ access to resources. Growing interest from...

Working Papers 58

Migration via irregular channels has been the most popular option for Cambodian workers seeking jobs abroad as it is widely regarded as relatively secure, convenient and cheap. But some migrants face abuse and exploitation while others become victims of human trafficking. Irregular migration raises serious issues about the protection and management...

Working Papers 52

The deepening trade relation between Cambodia and China has brought about significant expansion of bilateral trade between the two nations; however, Cambodia’s negative trade balance continues to widen at an average annual growth rate of 34 percent. The study uses the framework developed by Jenkins and Edwards (2004) to examine China-Cambodia t...