PHANG Sereyroth

Former Associated Research Assistant

PHANG Sereyroth is an associated research assistant at the Centre for Policy Research in Agriculture and Rural Development. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs from the American University of Phnom Penh, minoring in Law.  Her areas of research interests involve around the roles of arts in science, education and vocational training, inclusive development and equity.

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PHANG Sereyroth

Agriculture remains significant for Cambodia's economic growth, although the share of GDP and employment has declined in recent years. ​Agricultural export value has increased from 566 million USD in 2016 to 1,693 million USD in 2021, making its share of total exports​reach 9.64 percent in 2021. China has been one of the main exporting destinations...

The World Bank project on “Evidence Based Policy Study: Supply and Demand Solutions for Accessibility and Affordable Childcare Services in Cambodia” examines the interlink between supply and demand for childcare services to analyze the correlation between the supply and demand for daycare centers and employment rates. This is an emerging concern...