MAO Sosengphyrun

Research Assistant – Fieldwork Coordination

Mr. Mao Sosengphyrun currently is a Research Assistant-Fieldwork Coordination at the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). Phyrun earns a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Norton University (NU). Before join CDRI, he have working experiences in both fieldwork coordination and data cleaning in many NGOs and private institutions such as PSI-Cambodia, URC-Cambodia, BBC Media Action, CAVAC-II, Open Institute, RUPP, EMC, BN Consult and a few MFIs as well. He possesses a strong capacity in both qualitative and quantitative data collection. He enthuse on working and talking with people in different cultures and compromise with local authorities. He also have 2 years working experience in newsroom of Phnom Penh Post Newspaper as well.

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MAO Sosengphyrun

CDRI has been conducting the Moving out of Poverty (MOP) survey since 1996/1997 in 3 village household samples and this sample have been extended 11 villages across 7 provinces by 2020. CDRI surveys the same 1000 households every three years to track the poverty dynamics across the five main regions of Cambodia. This rare longitudinal dataset i...

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