Research Assistant (On Study Leave)

Chhaing Marong graduated from the Royal University of Phnom Penh majoring in Sociology and completed the general English program at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia. Marong joined CDRI in July 2016 as an intern at Agriculture Unit and was selected as a research assistant to Environment Unit starting in August 2017. Before joining CDRI, she used to work at ActionAid Cambodia, Equitable Cambodia Organization, Open Institution and Youth Resource Development Program. Her future research interest is in Education for sustainable consumption and production.

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International Publications

The escalating climate change-related disasters around the world are a serious threat to human existence and human livelihoods. Rural people living in developing countries, especially those of the poorest, are believed to be particularly vulnerable to climate change. As the number of climate change programs designed to help the poorer households ha...

Cambodia Development Review 24 - 2

This article draws on a qualitative study conducted to assess the impact of climate change programs in Cambodia, including the MRD’s pilot program in Kampong Svay district (CDRI, MRD and UNDP 2019). It summarises the main lessons learned and discusses the main factors hindering poor and vulnerable program beneficiaries from replicating demonstr...

Under Sida’s fund, the study aims to provide policy inputs into the current gender equality and climate change responses. To strengthen women’s adaptive capacity and encourage them to actively participate in decision-making processes into the process of climate change intervention, the study analyses the root causes of gender-based vulnerabili...