Cambodia Development Review   27 - 1

The Influence of Individual, Social and Educational Factors on Entrepreneurial Intention of University Students in Cambodia

Published: 09-Mar-2023
Keyword: entrepreneurial intention, entrepreneurship education, personal attributes, university students, Cambodia
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This study explored students’ entrepreneurial intention (EI) and identified the factors influencing EI under individual, social and educational dimensions. Using a nationally representative survey conducted in 2021 with 834 university students, we found that many students had a strong EI. From the regression analysis, we can confirm that the development of personal positive attributes, namely, innovativeness, critical thinking, proactiveness and propensity for taking risks, is key to increasing the intention in the Cambodian context. The same can be said about family income and perceived appropriateness. Moreover, it can be established that all the factors in the entrepreneurship education (EE) dimensions are positively influencing the students’ EI: startup-related program experience, business major; and perceived higher education support. Based on the study findings, we put forward three recommendations for the universities and other stakeholders, related to the provision and improvement of EE: (1) providing the courses and learning activities that develop the personal attributes; (2) strengthening/providing startup supporting programs at the universities; (3) integrating innovation-focused projects or competency-based education in pre-university level.

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