30 Jun 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Researcher Conversation Series: Mentorship in Research

Mentorship is not only for researcher, but for every professional who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills. Mentorship can be either formal or informal, between students and professors and or between peers. Understanding its roles and why it is relevant to research career and capacity building is an interesting and important topic to explore. Considering this reason, Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) is hosting the second Researcher Conversation Series on Mentorship in Research on June 30. This Researcher Conversation Series following our successful Researcher Conversation Series on Research as Your Career in late March. It is also a part of CDRI's Connect-#ReflectTheWay.


  • To have an informal discussion between mentors and mentees on mentorship and its role within a research career.
  • Specifically, the discussion explored what is mentorship, why do researchers need mentorship, what does it involve, how does mentorship support research career and capacity building, and what kind of roles and responsibilities of mentors?
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