Visiting Fellow

Mun joined CDRI as a research associate in 2013. He received his Bachelor’s in Information Science from the University of Cambodia and Master’s in Development Practice from the University of Queensland, Australia, under the Australia Development Scholarship. His research interests include Cambodian politics, state-building, democratisation, social change and politics of development.

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Working Papers 110
VONG Mun   (2016)

Rapid population expansion and urbanisation resultant of economic growth have greatly increased waste generation and associated public health issues. In light of these challenges, the Ministry of Environment jointly with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Economy and Finance issued in 2015 the inter-ministerial prakas on the Usage of Envi...

Working Papers 102

Social accountability is becoming integral to the government of Cambodia’s reform agenda as a new approach to promote and empower citizens’ collective voice to demand accountability from state officials for improved public services. International donors and non-government organisations have initiated and implemented various tools of social accounta...

Working Papers 94

To understand the contribution of the decentralisation reform to youth participation in local rural governance, this paper reviews empirically how youth have utilised the participatory opportunities enabled by the decentralisation reform based on three themes: civic, political and electoral. The findings suggest that despite decentra...