Dr VEN Seyhah

Research Fellow

Dr VEN Seyhah holds a Master degree and PhD in International Development Studies from Graduate School of International Development (GSID), Nagoya University, Japan. Currently, he is a research fellow in the Centre for Development Economics and Trade of Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). Dr Seyhah Ven has extensively led and involved in research projects related to macroeconomic issues, including, but not limited to, skills for industry, industrial development, and economic integration and trade, and socio-economic survey. He has published several articles and book chapters in CDRI working papers and in international academic journals. He has strong skills in quantitative data analysis using R, STATA, and GAMS. His research fields of interests include labour economics, trade and industry, impact evaluation (causal inference) and data science in R.

Email : seyhah@cdri.org.kh

VEN Seyhah

Cambodia Development Review 21 - 3
VEN Seyhah   (2017)

Cambodia Development Review 21 - 3

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Cambodia Development Review 20 - 3