VANN Sakanann

Former Research Associate

Sakanann is currently a Research Associate in the Centre for policy research in agriculture and rural development (CPARD) of CDRI. He has just joined the CDRI in late September, 2022. His research interests include hydrology (e.g., groundwater/surface water studies and seawater intrusion), irrigation system for agricultural studies, rural development, geosciences (e.g., geophysical exploration and geo-environment), disaster risk management as well as environmental science. He received his Master's degree in Earth System Science (ESS) in 2018 and is pursuing his PhD in ESS with the expectation of graduation in 2023. Prior to joining CDRI, he had also worked as a researcher at the Andaman Environment and Natural Disaster Research Centre (ANED) in Phuket, Thailand from 2019 to 2022. In addition, he has already co-authored around 10 research articles in both national and international journals, beginning in 2018. His publications primarily deal with geoscience and groundwater issues in order to provide in-depth identification of problems encountered and to encourage stakeholders/governments to consider in establishing policymaking or any relevant regulations for preventing and mitigating current issues caused by both natural and anthropogenic factors.

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VANN Sakanann

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The Network of Agriculture and Rural Development Think-tanks (NARDT) project is designed to form a consortium with flexible cooperation mechanism where think tanks of different stakeholders of Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao and Vietnam can work together in an effective manner to improve the quality of policies in agriculture and rural development and facil...