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LY Tem

Working Papers 108
LY Tem   (2016)

Women’s leadership is necessary for Cambodia’s sustained development. Their involvement in leadership roles in the public sphere and politics is crucial and has been shown to impact positively on poverty reduction. Governments, NGOs and international organisations have been increasingly aware that sustainable development is significantly linked to...

Working Papers 71

The commune/sangkat elections in 2002 and 2007 marked a significant step forward in Cambodia’s democratic decentralisation process. Decentralisation is the most deep-cutting public sector reform and the politically most important democratic development in Cambodia. The reform rearranges power structures, creates space for a more pluralistic pol...

Working Papers 61

Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) is a recent ideal approach to be introduced into the Cambodian national strategy on water management to ensure better planning and management of water and other related resources in a catchment. A new multi-level catchment body or a committee is soon to be established as a result. Integral to ICM is coopera...