HING Vutha

Senior Project Advisor

Mr Hing is a trade economist, holding his PhD in Economics from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and Master’s in International Trade Law and Policy (LL.M) from the University of Barcelona, Spain. He has been actively engaged in economic research and policy debate for nearly 20 years through his research profession at the leading development research in Cambodia. He was a research associate at Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) between 2004 and 2008 and a research fellow since 2009. Most of his research works were on trade, economic integration, and labour market and his core research abilities are trade policy analysis using quantitative methods and research grant writing. He is currently working at CDRI as senior research fellow. Mr. Hing is also an advisory Board member of the National Council on Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation, Cambodia.

Through his PhD research, Mr. Hing has built his strong interest and specialization in global value chains analysis using quantitative research method. His PhD dissertation on ‘the role of human capital in global value chains in East Asia'. He has a number of value chains analysis papers on the pipeline for publication and they are: assessing the determinants of global value chain participation in East and Southeast Asia: cross-country analysis; the impacts of human capital on firm participation in value chains: firm-level analysis in East and Southeast Asia; SMEs participation in global value chains: evidences from Indonesian manufacturing firm analysis; does servicification enhance productivity: evidences from Indonesian manufacturing firms; and innovation, technology and productivity: evidences from Cambodian firms.

Email : vutha.hing@cdri.org.kh

HING Vutha

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