EK Raksmeysomaly

Former Intern

Raksmeysomaly graduated from Silpakorn University in Thailand with a major in Mathematics. She has two years of experience as a tutor and a teacher assistant. She is applying for an internship at CDRI as she wants to explore how Mathematics can be applied to various fields beyond teaching. Her other fields of interest are web development and data analytics.

Email : raksmeysomaly.ek@cdri.org.kh

EK Raksmeysomaly

Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Cambodia face many barriers and challenges: poverty and unsustainable livelihoods; stigma and discrimination; limited access to services, information, justice, and education; inaccessibility of physical infrastructure, etc. In addition, there is a lack of mainstreaming of disability into broader policies and plans...

This project is part of Education Development Trust (EDT)‘s multi-year research program aimed at improving the overall understanding of the impact of Gender Responsive Pedagogy (GRP) and its potential to improve learning outcomes for both boys and girls. In the first year (2022), CDRI, in partnership with EDT conducted a research study on "Students...