BUN Phoury

Research Associate

Ms. BUN Phoury recently graduated with a Master of Education (by Research) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She also holds dual honors degrees, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed in TEFL) from the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) and Bachelor of Accounting and Finance from CamEd Business School. Her research interests include aspects of academia, TVET, the roles of arts in science, enterpreneurship, philosophy in higher education, social psychology of the classroom, equality, and equity, monitoring, and evaluation in learning, and technology, creativity, and critical thinking in education.

Email : phoury.bun@cdri.org.kh

BUN Phoury

Other Publications
BUN Phoury   (2023)

This Book Brief is a compilation of findings from studies in the LIBROS-Cambodia Project. It provides overall pictures of the primary-level book supply chain situation in Cambodia and Track and Trace (TnT) system, which is now the Core Textbook Supply Management System in Cambodia.

Research Reports

This Systems Thinking workshop involved the implementation of eight main activities: issue prioritization, issue mapping systemigram, strategy prioritization, evidence prioritization, stakeholder and idealized evidence network mapping, evidence ecosystem relationship analysis, mapping critical success factors, and research contextualization. A...

Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Cambodia face many barriers and challenges: poverty and unsustainable livelihoods; stigma and discrimination; limited access to services, information, justice, and education; inaccessibility of physical infrastructure, etc. In addition, there is a lack of mainstreaming of disability into broader policies and plans...

This is a part of the Supporting Holistic and Actionable Research in Education (SHARE), a five-year cooperative agreement with the University of Notre Dame (UND) supported by the USAID’s new Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation/Center for Education (DDI/EDU), to advance global education learning priorities to improve learning outcomes....