Technical Assistance and Capacity Development in an Aid-dependent Economy: The Experience of Cambodia

To what extent can external technical assistance develop the capacity of counterparts, whether in government or in local nongovernmental organizations (LNGOs) in an aid-dependent economy? Cambodia's experience since 1993 suggests that most projects in such a situation are donor-driven in their identification, design and implementation, to the detri...

SARTHI Acharya   (2001)

Labour Markets in Transitional Economies in Southeast Asia and Thailand: A Study in Four Countries

The research examines links between the labour market, economic growth and poverty reduction; assesses the impact of internal and external crises on the labour market; and reviews existing policies that affect the labour market.

SIK Boreak   (2000)

Land Ownership, Sales and Concentration in Cambodia

Land is the most important productive asset in agrarian societies such as Cambodia’s. Throughout Cambodian history, land ownership rights have varied with changes in government. In the period before French colonisation (pre-1863), when all land belonged to the sovereign, people were freely allowed to till unoccupied land and could cultivate as...

Technical Assistance and Capacity Development in an Aid-dependent Economy: the Experience of Cambodia

Cambodia is aid-dependent: the scale of aid is of such magnitude that it distorts the economy in two important ways. First, a high proportion of Cambodia’s best-educated people either work for donor agencies or international non-government organisations (NGOs) or have been assigned to donors’ projects as counterparts. This raises the price of e...