Cambodia Development Review   25 - 2

Faculty Engagement in the Internationalisation of Higher Education: A Literature Review

Author(s): TEK Muytieng

Published: 29-Jun-2021
Keyword: Internationalisation, higher education, Cambodia
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This review paper aims to examine the characteristics of faculty engagement in the internationalisation of higher education and the factors influencing the participation of faculty members in such a process. The review finds that faculty members have so far engaged in international activities in the form of international teaching and research, joint research publications and reviews, membership of international research networks, and international development projects. Through this, they enjoy opportunities to explore the world and to bring back knowledge and experience to share with students and their colleagues on their home campus. Faculty members are reported to have a direct impact on many internationalisation activities at their higher education institution for their given authority and power can influence the infusion process of international, global, and cultural dimensions into their institution’s core missions. Their self-knowledge and social knowledge determine their involvement in the internationalisation process since their competency is necessary for succeeding in the tasks or goals, while their perceptions towards institutional environment and culture are also essential. However, for the implementation of internationalisation to be succeeded, support and commitment from university leadership are crucial.

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