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Cambodia Vision 2030 and Beyond: Charting A Path for Resilient, Sustainable, and Inclusive Prosperity

Author(s): CDRI

Published: 20-Dec-2023
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The 15th Annual Cambodia Outlook Conference held on 23 November 2023 brought together 500 influential decisionmakers in government, business, development, civil society, and higher education to discuss critical topics surrounding Cambodia’s development policies. The 2023 Conference drew upon CDRI’s on-going research study entitled “Cambodia Vision 2030: An Assessment of Cambodia’s Upper middle-income Target for Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth,” which asks whether, when, and how Cambodia can achieve its Vision and analyses Cambodia’s short-, medium-, and long-term priorities for 2030 and beyond. The focus of the 2023 Conference was to discuss emerging challenges and identify policy directions and strategies that key stakeholders will need to understand in order to realise Cambodia’s Vision of becoming an upper middle-income country. This brief presents the underlying context discussed during the Conference beginning with risks and opportunities facing Cambodia before turning to the urgent policy actions required to move Cambodia closer to its ambitious Vision.

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