20 November 2023

Panel Discussion on Addressing the Gender Dimension in Clean Energy Sector 

Dr Ngin Chanrith, a Senior Research Fellow and Director of CDRI's Environment Centre, participated as a panelist in a discussion titled “Addressing the Gender Dimension in the Clean Energy Sector” during Clean Energy Week on November 20, 2023. The discussion highlighted the pivotal role women play in energy consumption and decision-making within their households, and their potential to significantly influence family energy expenditure.

The discussion emphasised the growth of green jobs in the clean energy sector as an opportunity for women's participation. And Dr Chanrith stressed the importance of training and education initiatives to equip women with the necessary knowledge and skills to seize the opportunities presented by clean energy and green jobs. He challenged the misconception that women’s roles in rural areas, such as cooking and using wood, exclude them from participating in the clean energy sector. He argued that clean energy empowers women by saving them time and enabling them to run small businesses.

Lastly, Dr Chanrith advocated for a broader focus on shifting gender norms. He questioned why women are primarily responsible for tasks like collecting wood, water, and childcare, while men’s involvement remains limited. His insights contribute to the ongoing conversation about gender roles and clean energy, highlighting the need for societal change and equal opportunities.

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