19 January 2024

In-depth Fieldwork on "Grounded Case Studies of Asian Mega Delta Project Work Package 4 on The Resilient Aquatic Food in Food, Land, and Water Systems"

From 09 -18 January 2024, CDRI’s Environment Centre conducted an in-depth fieldwork project named "Grounded Case Studies of Asian Mega Delta Project Work Package 4 on The Resilient Aquatic Food in Food, Land, and Water Systems,” which focuses on the Mekong Delta provinces of Takeo and Kompong Thom to explore how formal and informal institutions manage land and water resources, ultimately impacting the multifunctionality of the landscape and its ability to support resilient food production.

The research used a combination of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) to understand the dynamics of resource access and knowledge acquisition across different social classes and genders. FGDs targeted a diverse range of households, while KIIs provided institutional insights from provincial departments, district offices, local authorities, and community leaders.

The integration of these methods led to a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between formal and informal institutions. The research involved conducting 20 KIIs and 20 FGDs in total, with each method being implemented 10 times in each province, ensuring a thorough understanding of the complex dynamics in these regions.

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