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Vocational Education and Training in Cambodia

Published: 20-Apr-2023


The Royal Government of Cambodia acknowledges the vital role of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in developing a high-quality workforce to better respond to labor market demand and contribute to the national development agenda. In the past decade, with support from and collaboration with development partners, the Government has put effort into expanding access to and improving the quality of TVET. To improve quality, the Ministry of Labour Vocational and Training (MLVT) has developed competency-based training and assessment packages and upskilled the capacity of trainers, working in partnership with industry. It has also upgraded the facilities of public TVET providers and urged them to acquire ISO 9001-2005 certification for their training programs. Even though TVET enrollment has recently increased, it constitutes only a small fraction of the total educational participation. It is also concentrated mainly on the provision of bachelor’s degree programs. Attracting students to TVET continues to be a challenging issue. Changes in the labor market result in a decline in the need for manual labor and more demand for high-level skills and knowledge. To ensure the sector’s relevance, MLVT has engaged and sought support from the private sector; however, the partnerships are still limited to certain aspects of the training process and have yet to be well coordinated. To fulfill its role in producing a high-skill workforce, the sector needs to enhance its relevance and quality and focus more on providing midlevel programs.

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