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New Generation Schools: Addressing Cambodia’s Chronic Inability to Deliver Quality Education

Published: 03-May-2021
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In recent years, the Cambodian government has introduced a reform agenda to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, improve the bureaucratic administration of education, and address other major challenges affecting public schools. The new agenda has led to several remarkable transformations in Cambodia’s educational system, including the introduction of a new innovative school model called New Generation School. However, the sustainability and scalability of this new model are questionable due to the large investment needed to operate these schools, and the limited government budget. While community involvement can help mobilise resources, there is a limit to how much poor households can voluntarily contribute; and the true effectiveness of the New Generation School has not yet been empirically evaluated although descriptive statistics have demonstrated some signs of success. Some other approaches adopted by the government over the years include increasing teacher’s salary to raise teacher motivation.Blended learning systems: Definition, current trends, and future directions

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