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Entrepreneurial Intention and Preparation of University Students in Cambodia: Implications for Improving Entrepreneurship Education and Programmes in Universities

Published: 01-Aug-2023
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A recent survey study conducted by CDRI found that university students in Cambodia were keen to pursue an entrepreneurial career. The study also found that a simple provision of entrepreneurship education and support programmes at universities fell short of converting those interests into actions. This policy brief presents five recommendations that higher education institutes should consider adopting to increase entrepreneurial activities:

  • Involve SMEs in providing internships and other work opportunities to help students learn from business owners.
  • Organise innovation and entrepreneurship activities and competitions in collaboration with development partners and the private sector to provide students with hands-on experience and real-world learning opportunities.
  • Allocate sufficient resources to sustaining collaboration with partners.
  • Provide and strengthen startup support programmes (e.g., incubators and accelerators) and actively encourage students to take part in the programmes.
  • Provide more information on how to finance business ideas.

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