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Climate Change and Water Governance in Cambodia: Challenge and Perspectives for Water Security and Climate Change in Selected Catchments, Cambodia

Published: 30-Dec-2015
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This book is the major output of a three-year research project, “Climate Change and Water Governance in Cambodia”, implemented by seven partner institutions with financial support from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in three subcatchments of the Tonle Sap Basin. 

The findings confirm that changes in the climate are affecting local livelihoods, though effects vary depending on geographic location. The study highlights the problems that matter most to local communities, particularly increases in the frequency of floods and lightning storms, and contributes substantially to improving science-based planning for climate change adaptation and water resources management in the Tonle Sap Basin. Importantly, it helps improve local and national-level decision makers’ understanding of (1) how changes in climate and human systems affect water availability and water security; (2) the implications of changes in water availability for local livelihoods; and (3) how positive effects of climate change and improved water governance can increase adaptive capacity and achieve water security.

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