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CDRI Publications' Catalogue 2014-15      
Policy Brief and Synthesis Report/Paper      
Cambodia Outlook Conference 2016
Development Research Forum Policy Briefs (2015)
Cambodia Outlook Briefs (2009 to 2016)
Development Research Forum Policy Briefs (2014)
Synthesis Reports/Papers (2014-15)
2013 Cambodia Development Research Forum Symposium's Policy Briefs and Synthesis Report
Policy Briefs 2012
Policy Briefs 2011
Impact of High Food Prices in Cambodia
De-Dollarising Cambodia: 10 Years On
The Participatory Poverty Assessment of the Tonle Sap: ... (Issue 6)
The Early Harvest Programme: An opportunity to Enhance Cambodian Agriculture Exports (Issue 5)  
Natural Resources and the Environment (Issues 1-4)
Flash Report          
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Annual Development Review
  Annual Development Review - 2013-14 (pdf 7,270kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 5,250kb)
  Chem Phalla, Chhea Chhorvann, Chheat Sreang, Ben Flower, Hing Vutha, Hort Navy, Keo Socheat, Khiev Pirom, Kim 
  Sean Somatra, Kim Sour, Larry Strange, Lonn Pichdara, Lun Pide, Nou Keosothea, Phay Sokcheng, Ros Bandeth,
  Roth Vathana, Srinivasa Madhur, Theng Vuthy, Tong Kimsun
  Annual Development Review - 2012-13 (pdf 5,380kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 2,651kb)
  Heng Seiha, Hing Vutha, Keo Socheat, Khiev Pirom, Lun Pide, Sen Vicheth, So Sokbunthoeun, Srinivasa Madhur,
  Vong Sreytouch, Theng Vuthy, Tong Kimsun
  Annual Development Review - 2011-12 (pdf 6,432kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 3,064kb)
  CHHIM Chhun, CHHOUN Nareth, EM Sorany, HING Vutha, HUON Chantrea, Joakim OJENDAL, KEO Socheat,
  KHIENG Sothy, KIM Sedara, KIM Sour, KOY Ra, Larry STRANGE, LUN Pide, NANG Phirun, NET Neath, ROS Bansok,
  ROTH Vathana, SAING Chan Hang, SOK Sethea and SUM Sreymom
  Annual Development Review - 2010-11 (pdf 15,949kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 5,292kb)
  CHEM Phalla, CHHIM Chhun, GOVE Kimhong, HENG Seiha, HING Vutha, KEM Sothorn, KHIENG Sothy, KHIEV Pirom,
  KRUY Virak, LUN Pide, LY Tem, NET Neath, OUCH Chandarany, PAGAIYA Nonglak, PAK Kimchoeun, PHANN
  Dalis, SAING Chan Hang, SENG Bundeth, SOK Sethea, SOMETH Paradis, THON Vimealea and TONG Kimsun
  Annual Development Review - 2009-10 (pdf 7,705kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 1,214kb)
  Glenda REYES, HEM Metta, HEM Socheth, Hossein JALILIAN, KHIENG Sothy, KIM Sedara, LUN Pide, NET Neath,
  OU Sivhuoch, PHANN Dalis, PON Dorina, Roger HAY, ROS Bandeth, SAING Chan Hang, SENG Bundeth,
  SO Sovannarith, SOK Sethea and TONG Kimsun
  Annual Development Review - 2008-09 (pdf 1,062kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 884kb)
  Chan Sophal, Han Phoumin, Hossein Jalilian, Jayant Menon, Ou Sivhuoch, So Sovannarith,Thon Vimealea and
  Yem Dararath
  Annual Development Review - 2007-08 (pdf 2,521kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 963kb)
  Brett M. Ballard, Chan Sophal, Chem Phalla, Hing Vutha, Hossein Jalilian, Khiev Daravy, Kim Sean Somatra,
  Phann Dalis, Phim Runsinarith, Pon Dorina, Suon Vanny and Thun Vathana
  Annual Development Review - 2006-07 (pdf 1,821kb)
  Khmer version (pdf 523kb)                                                                                                        Back to top
  Ann Sovatha, Brett M. Ballard, Christian Sloth, David Craig, Eng Netra, Hing Vutha, Horng Vuthy, Jenny Knowles, Kasper
  K. Hansen, Kim Sedara, Lim Sovannara, Nou Keosothea, Pak Kimchoeun, Phann Dalis, Phim Runsinarith, Pon Dorina,
  So Sovannarith, Sok Sina, Top Neth, Thun Vathana and Tuot Sokphally
  Annual Development Review - 2004-05 (pdf 2,134kb)
  Ann Sovatha, Brett M. Ballard, Hing Vutha, Hoev Kim Sreng, Horng Vuthy, Kem Sithen, Khlok Bottra, Ngo Ngoun Theary,
  Nou Keosothea, K.A.S. Murshid, Ouch Chandarany, Pak Kimchoeun, Phim Runsinarith, Pon Dorina, Christian Sloth, So
  Sovannarith, and Tong Kimsun (December 2005), in English, 102 pp. / in Khmer, Forthcoming.
Annual Report          
pdf 2,480kb
pdf 2,547kb
pdf 2,785kb
pdf 6,362kb
pdf 2,509kb
pdf 2,431kb
pdf 36,880kb
pdf 4,252kb
  pdf 3,361kb
pdf 26,029kb
pdf 2,430kb
pdf 15,421kb
Special Report          
  18. Enhancing adaptive capacity to climate change, governance, and good practices from local people and subnational   
(pdf 12,005kb)
  Sam Sreymom
  March 2016, Khmer
48 pp.
  Challenge and Perspectives for Water Security and Climate Change in Selected Catchments, Cambodia
(pdf 4,079kb)
  Sam Sreymom, Pech Sokhem (Eds.)
  December 2015,
English 198 pp.
  Download Khmer Version 24 pp.
(pdf 1,206kb)
  16. Innovations to strengthen aquatic resource governance on Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake (pdf 1,019kb)
  Il Oeur, Mam Kosal, Kim Sour and Blake D. Ratner
English 26 pp.
  15. Cambodia Education 2015: Employment and Empowerment (pdf 5,304kb)
Khieng Sothy, Srinivasa Madhur, Chhem Rethy
English 260 pp.
  14. Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Methods and Tools Applied in Cambodia
(pdf 227kb)
  June 2014, English 6 pp. 
  Download Khmer Version 6 pp.
(pdf 256kb)     
  13. Cambodia’s Development Dynamics: Past Performance and Emerging Priorities (pdf 4,360kb)
  September 2013, English 156 pp.    
  12. A Baseline Survey of Sub-national Government: Towards a Better Understanding of Decentralisation and
  Deconcentration in Cambodia
(pdf 482kb)
  December 2011, English 88 pp.    
  11. Food Security and Climate Change to 2050: Cambodia (pdf 1,632kb)
  March 2011, English 22 pp.
  Download Khmer Version 23 pp.
(pdf 1,613kb)  .  
  10. Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia: Pattern and Pathways (pdf 1,330kb)
  March 2011, English 26 pp.
  Download Khmer Version  28 pp.
(pdf 1,010kb)    
  9. Cambodia's Agricultural Strategy: Future Development Options for the Rice Sector (pdf 1,987kb)
  March 2011, English 34 pp.
  Download Khmer Version  36 pp.
(pdf 774kb)    
  8. Natural Resource Governance and Food Security in Cambodia (pdf 1,678kb)
  March 2011, English 12 pp.
  Download Khmer Version 13 pp.
(pdf 1,676kb)    
  7. Policy Options for Vulnerable Groups: Income Growth and Social Protection (pdf 1,211kb)
  March 2011, English 35 pp.
  Download Khmer Version 36 pp.
(pdf 1,205kb)  
  6. Review of Agricultural Policy and Policy Research (pdf 1,614kb)
  March 2011, English 40 pp
  Download Khmer Version 49 pp.
(pdf 1,417kb)
  5b. Sustainable Pathways for Attaining the Millennium Development Goals: Cambodia Case Study
(English pdf 2,924kb); (Khmer pdf 2,975kb, 62 pp.)

  Nang Phirun, Yem Dararath, Lonn Pich Dara, Ros Bansok, Dr Koy Ra and Dr Rebecca F Catalla (November 2010),  
English 61 pp.
  5ae. Scoping Study: Research Capacities of Cambodia’s Universities (English pdf 518kb)
  Team Members: KWOK Kian-Woon, CHAN Sopheap, HENG Chinda, KIM Sedara, NETH Baromey and THON Vimealea
  Research Assistants: Kelvin CHIA, CHHOENG Sotheavan and NHEM Sochea (August 2010),  
English 65 pp.
  5ak. Scoping Study: Research Capacities of Cambodia’s Universities (English pdf 804kb)
  Team Members: KWOK Kian-Woon, CHAN Sopheap, HENG Chinda, KIM Sedara, NETH Baromey and THON Vimealea
  Research Assistants: Kelvin CHIA, CHHOENG Sotheavan and NHEM Sochea (August 2010),  
English 68 pp.
  4. The Early Harvest Programme: Implications for Cambodian Agriculture (pdf 842kb)
  Hing Vutha and Nou Keosothea (May 2006), English 46 pp. Download (in Khmer pdf 1,109kb, 57 pp.) 
  3. Focus on Cambodia's High Value Forests: Livelihoods and Management (pdf 4,655kb)
  Bruce McKenney, Yim Chea, Prom Tola, and Tom Evans (November 2004), English 129 pp.  
  2. Donors in Disarray: Prospects for External Assistance to Cambodia (pdf 114kb)
  Douglas I. Grube (April 1998), English 17 pp.
  1. Coping With the Current Crisis: A Survey of Five Phnom Penh Markets, 15-17 July 1997 (pdf 71kb)
  Toshiyasu Kato, Long Vou Piseth, Be Kalyanna & Chan Sophal (August 1997), English 11 pp.

Working Paper
  [Working Paper Series]

Other Papers                                                                                                                                              Back to top

  Child Domestic Labour (English, pdf 728kb)
  Landlessness and Child Labour in Cambodia (English, pdf 1,236kb)
  Migration and child well-being (English pdf 344kb)
  Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change: Gender and Inclusive Growth Provincial Consultation Workshop
(pdf 1,037kb), Khmer (pdf 1,308kb), March 2014
  CDRI Gender Guidelines - August 2013 (pdf 7,17kb)
  Research Project Development and Management-A Handbook - August 2013
(pdf 1,678kb)
Rapid Assessment of the Impact of Rising Food Prices on the Poor and Vulnerable and Policy Responses in Cambodia
  Impact of Hight Food Prices in Cambodia
Cambodia Food Security and Agricultural Policy - Roundtable Proceedings
  Cambodia's Annual Economic Review (CAER)
  Cambodia Land Titling
  Moving Out of Poverty?
A Participatory Poverty Assessment of The Tonle Sap
  The Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNet)
  Development Analysis Network (DAN)
  Conference Papers
  Peace Building Training's Papers                                                                                                                               

  [Economic Lexicon 1 - English-Khmer] (pdf 470kb)
Economic Lexicon 2 - Khmer - English] (pdf 563kb)  
Cambodia: An Economic & Social Overview] (pdf 442kb)                                      
Monograph: The Challenges of Decentralisation Design in Cambodia] (pdf 852kb)
Envisioning a New Paradigm of Dev. Cooperation in Cambodia] (pdf 123kb)
Capacity Building Practices of Cambodia's External Partners] (pdf 418kb)

Cambodia Food Security and Agricultural Policy - Roundtable Proceedings

  Cambodia Food Security and Agricultural Policy - Roundtable Proceedings - July 2011 (pdf 555kb)
  Download Khmer version (pdf 788kb)

Cambodia's Annual Economic Review (CAER)                                                                          

  Cambodia's Annual Economic Review - 2004 (pdf 456kb)
  Download Khmer version
(pdf 458kb)

  Kang Chandararot, Dannet Liv, Brett Ballard and So Sovannarith (December 2004), English 76 pp./Khmer 113 pp.

  Cambodia's Annual Economic Review - 2003 (pdf 772kb)
  Download Khmer version
(pdf 490kb)

  Kang Chandararot and Chan Sophal (September 2003), English 92 pp. / Khmer 133 pp.

  Cambodia's Annual Economic Review-2002 (pdf 847kb)
  Download Khmer version
(pdf 471kb)

  Sok Hach and Sarthi Acharya (August 2002), English 100 pp. / Khmer 150 pp.

  Cambodia's Annual Economic Review-2001 (pdf English 486kb)
  Hach, Huot and Sik Boreak (August 2001), English 93 pp. / Khmer 114 pp.

Cambodia Land Titling                                                                                                                                  Back to top

  1. Cambodia Land Titling Rural Baseline Survey Report (December 2007) (Executive summary)

  2. Cambodia Land Titling Urban Baseline Survey Report (December 2007) (Executive summary)

Moving Out of Poverty?

  1. Trends in Community Well-Being and Household Mobility in Nine Cambodian Villages (September 2007)
  (Forward and executive summary 32kb)
Ingrid FitzGerald and So Sovannarith with Chan Sophal, Kem Sithen and Tout Sokphally

A Participatory Poverty Assessment of The Tonle Sap                                                              

  1. We are living with worry all the time
(Executive summary in English 23kb) (Executive summary in Khmer 55kb)
  Brett M. Ballard, Christian Sloth, David Wharton, Ingrid FitzGerald, K.A.S. Murshid, Kasper K. Hansen, Phim Runsinarith 
  and Lim Sovannara

The Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNet)

  1. Trade Research Institutions in Asia-Pacific: Capacity-Building Needs in Developing countries
  Hin Vutha, Larry Strange and K.A.S. Murshid (April 2006), English version 50 pp.


  9b. Health and Education in Greater Mekong Subregion: Policies, Institutions and Practices (pdf 1,209kb)
  August 2015, English 260 pp.

Khmer Version (pdf 610kb)                                                   

  9a. Inclusive Development in The Greater Mekong Subregion: An Assessment (pdf 2,721kb)
  February 2014, English 266 pp.

  8. Assessing China’s Impact on Poverty Reduction in the Greater Mekong Sub-region
      First published in Singapore by ISEAS Publishing, English, 468 pp. 2013

  7. Agricultural Trade in the Greater Mekong SubRegion (pdf 2077kb)
  June 2009, English 221 pp.

  6. Cost and Benefits of Cross-Country Labour Migration in the GMS
      First published in Singapore by ISEAS Publishing, 448 pp. 2012.

  5. Pro-poor tourism in the greater mekong sub-region (Executive summary 7kb)
  July 2007, English 257 pp.

  4. The cross border economies of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam (pdf 3,927kb)
  March 2005, English 247 pp.  

  3. Off-farm and Non-farm Employment in Southeast Asian Transitional Economies and Thailand (pdf 1,200kb)
  February 2003, English 294 pp.  

  2. Labour Markets in Transitional Economies in Southeast Asia and Thailand (pdf 977kb)                      Back to top
  March 200, English 246 pp.  

  1. Impact of the Asian Financial Crisis on the Southeast Asian Transitional Economies (pdf 765kb)
January 1999, English 175 pp.  
Conference Paper                                                                                                                                                                                 

  3. Cambodia: Challenges and Options of Regional Economic Integration Conference Papers (pdf 662kb)
  Chan Sophal, Toshiyasu Kato, Long Vou Piseth, Jeffrey Kaplan, Kun Nhem, James Robertson & Harold Pohoresky
  (October 1998 / February 1999),
English 90 pp.

  2. Interdependence in Household Livelihood Strategies in Two Cambodian Villages: Draft Paper Prepared for 
a Conference on Rural Food Security

  John P. McAndrew (October 1997), English 106 pp. 

  1.The Status of Food Security: Draft Paper Prepared for a Conference on Rural Food Security
  K. A. S. Murshid (October 1997), English 31 pp.

Peace Building Training's Papers

  2. An Investigation of Conflict Management in Cambodia Villages: (pdf 187kb)
  A Review of the Literature with Suggestions for Future Research

  Caroline Hughes (October 2001), English 32 pp. / Khmer 36 pp. Download (in Khmer pdf 242kb)

  1. Nature and Causes of Conflict Escalation in the 1998 National Election (pdf 552kb)
  Caroline Hughes with Real Sopheap (January 2000), English 99 pp.  

  Peacebuilding Lexicon (pdf 939kb)

  Contact the Publications Section for further information or to confirm availability of these papers.
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