SRY Bopharath

Former Research Associate

Being passionate about economic development, Ms Bopharath Sry starts her career as a researcher. Currently, she is a research associate at CDRI. She studies the link between the perception of marginalisation and the life satisfaction of street vendors in Phnom Penh. She is also working on the impact of COVID-19 on women mainly in garment sector and informal economy. She gets her Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Tsukuba, Japan and is a visiting research fellowship at the Japan Centre for Economic Research in Tokyo.

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SRY Bopharath

Working Papers 129

Street food vending is a vital part of the urban economy, and the poor, in particular, rely on it to earn their living. We examine their socio-economic dimension, especially their backgrounds and business operations and challenges, as well as the perspectives on life satisfaction among different income earners. Importantly, we looked at the margina...

Working Papers 112

This study uses panel data collected in 11 villages in 2011-14 to investigate the impact of microcredit on paddy harvest and income, input costs for paddy production, and self-employment income. The panel data make it possible to implement difference-in-differences and triple-differences estimators. The results show that credit participants hav...

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Working Papers 83

 Households in Cambodia derive their income mainly from non-farm self-employment, salaries and wages, agricultural crops and other activities. On average, non-farm self-employment income amounts to 29 percent of total income, but its share was largest during the oil and food price increases and the global financial crisis that occurred in...

Working Papers 64

Environment and poverty nexus is still a polemical issue. Some schools of thought claim that it is poverty that has the major effect on the environment, while another perspective suggests that the environment has more impact on the poor than vice-versa because the poor have no power to exploit the environment. In the context of Cambodia, there is a...

Cambodia Development Review 15 - 1
SRY Bopharath   (2011)

The purpose of the project is to examine the portfolio of street vendors in nine districts in Phnom Penh. The survey looks at their education, economic activities, income and expenses, and their life satisfaction. There are two phases. The first phase involved with mapping of 1,141 street vendors on 53 locations. 553 samples were randomly selected...