ROTH Vathana

Former Technical Advisor

Roth Vathana was a research fellow and director of the Centre for Development Economics and Trade at the Cambodia Development Resource Institute. His main research interests include: the nexus of economic growth, poverty and inequality, rural economic revitalization and financial inclusion, private sector development, and impact evaluation using microeconometric modelling. He also has extensive experience particularly in managing and analyzing complex and large-scale cross-sectional and panel survey data. He holds a Master of Economics from Kobe University, Japan.

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ROTH Vathana

Research Reports

The focus of this report is on household poverty escapes and what explains why some households escape poverty and remain out of poverty (sustainable poverty escape, or resilience), while other households escape poverty only to fall back into poverty (transitory poverty escape) and still other descend into poverty for the first time (impoverishment)...

Working Papers 112

This study uses panel data collected in 11 villages in 2011-14 to investigate the impact of microcredit on paddy harvest and income, input costs for paddy production, and self-employment income. The panel data make it possible to implement difference-in-differences and triple-differences estimators. The results show that credit participants hav...

International Publications 53 - 11

Using propensity score matching, this study examines the effects of migration on various indicators of household wellbeing in Cambodia. The results indicate that migration would reduce poverty headcount rate by 3–7 percentage points and decrease the depth of poverty. Migration is also found to reduce by 5–10 percent the hours worked by members left...

Working Papers 105

Motivated by the relatively low indicators for access to basic secondary education and healthcare, the study attempts to (1) analyse national policy and institutional framework for inclusive development in health and education, and (2) identify areas needing attention or updating. In education, Cambodia has made considerable progress towards achiev...

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ROTH Vathana   (2014)

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