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ROS Bansok

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Knowledge of the marginal productivity of water is crucial for decisions about its allocation between uses, which is particularly important in the context of increasing competition for water. Using primary, plot-level panel data, this article estimates the marginal productivity of water from supplementary irrigation in lowland rice systems in Cambo...

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Cambodia has been identified as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, given the predicted changes in temperature and precipitation, the share of labor in agriculture, and the country’s low adaptive capacity due to widespread poverty. In this study, we use climate data from four general circulation models (GCMs) to evaluate the imp...

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Cambodia’s economy is based largely on the agricultural sector which contributes 33 percent of the national GDP and employs more than 67 percent of the national labour force. Rice production is central to this sector: not only do the majority of Cambodia’s farmers depend directly and indirectly on the success of the rice crop each year, but bei...