KEO Nilvann

Associated Research Assistant

KEO Nilvann is a fresh graduate from the Institute for International Studies and Public Policy with a degree in International Economics. With prior experience as a translator, he aspires to establish a career in research aligned with his field of study. This motivated him to embark on an internship at CDRI, where he can delve into his passionate interests in economic research, agriculture, and rural development.

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KEO Nilvann

Chilies are one of the most important and widely consumed spices in Cambodia, as well as a source of income for many smallholder farmers. However, chilies production faces several challenges, such as low productivity, high input costs, pest and disease outbreaks, lack of quality seeds and planting materials, poor post-harvest handling and marketing...

Agriculture remains significant for Cambodia's economic growth, although the share of GDP and employment has declined in recent years. ​Agricultural export value has increased from 566 million USD in 2016 to 1,693 million USD in 2021, making its share of total exports​reach 9.64 percent in 2021. China has been one of the main exporting destinations...