Dr HENG Kimkong

Former PhD Fellow

Mr. Heng Kimkong is currently an Australia Awards scholar and a PhD candidate in the School of Education at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is co-founder and chief editor of the Cambodian Education Forum and the Cambodian Journal of Educational Research. He also serves as a visiting senior research fellow at the Cambodia Development Center. Prior to this, he was a visiting senior fellow at the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, an assistant dean of the School of Graduate Studies, the University of Cambodia and an English lecturer at several Cambodian universities. His PhD research examines Cambodian academics’ research practices with the aim to find ways to promote a research culture in Cambodia. He is deeply interested in Cambodia’s social, political and educational development and have published a number of journal articles and book chapters, and over 100 commentaries and analysis pieces in local and international outlets. His main research interests include TESOL, research engagement and academic publishing.

Email : kimkongheng@gmail.com

HENG Kimkong

Working Papers 138
HENG Kimkong   (2023)

Background Cambodia envisages to become an upper-middle-income country by 2030 and a high-income country by 2050. The country also aspires to develop into a knowledge-based society (MoEYS 2014). To support these goals, it is crucial to consider the role of higher education institutions (HEIs), particularly universities, in training, research and...