CHHINH Vortheaknak Roth

Associated Research Assistant

Vortheaknak is a fresh graduate from the Institute for International Studies and Public Policy (IISPP) with a bachelor’s in International Economics. He is currently working as an intern with eagerness to further explore the art and implementation of policymaking and research under economics-related themes. He also aims to catapult his understanding and execution of academic writing to greater heights at CDRI.

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CHHINH Vortheaknak Roth

CDRI has been conducting the Moving out of Poverty (MOP) survey since 1996/1997 in 3 village household samples and this sample have been extended 11 villages across 7 provinces by 2020. CDRI surveys the same 1000 households every three years to track the poverty dynamics across the five main regions of Cambodia. This rare longitudinal dataset i...

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) often face challenges in utilizing digital technologies despite the vital roles of these technologies in business development. In particular, female-led MSMEs are less likely to use digital technologies. Previous studies have identified several barriers to digital technology adoption such as poor i...