Alvin Leung

Former Visiting Fellow

Alvin joined the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation of CDRI in April 2022. He has led multiple research projects in and for large organisations, both as an educational researcher and a monitoring and evaluation consultant. His research focuses on education policy and social inclusion. He is currently based in the United Kingdom and has worked in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, East Africa and Western Europe. Alvin holds a PhD in Education and Development from the University of Cambridge.

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Alvin Leung

Policy Briefs 5

A recent survey study conducted by CDRI found that university students in Cambodia were keen to pursue an entrepreneurial career. The study also found that a simple provision of entrepreneurship education and support programmes at universities fell short of converting those interests into actions. This policy brief presents five recommendations th...

Cambodia Development Review 27 - 1

This study explored students’ entrepreneurial intention (EI) and identified the factors influencing EI under individual, social and educational dimensions. Using a nationally representative survey conducted in 2021 with 834 university students, we found that many students had a strong EI. From the regression analysis, we can confirm that the develo...

Working Papers 136

Entrepreneurship is crucial to advancing the economy of Cambodia and fostering the development of society. The Royal Government of Cambodia has recognised the importance of entrepreneurship and included the promotion and entrepreneurship education in multiple policies and strategy. Universities and higher education institutes have been more active...