Centre for Natural Resources and Environment

The Centre for Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) conducts policy-oriented and academic researches, focusing on climate change, resource governance, energy, and environmental sustainability. The centre generates evidence-based knowledge through rigorous researches using various methods including integrated modelling techniques, social-ecological system analyses, economic experiments, surveys and in-depth qualitative analysis. The research findings are shared widely among local and international partners, practitioners, and policy makers through publications, policy dialogues, and dissemination workshops. Our researches provide reliable information and scientific evidence for decision makers to make relevant policies, especially contributing to the Royal Government of Cambodia’s rectangle strategies on Angle 4: inclusive sustainable development, sustainable management of natural resources and culture, ensuring environmental sustainability, and primitive response to climate change.

Common Pool Resources and Climate Change Adaptation: Community-based Natural Resource Management in Cambodia

Using primary and secondary data sources, this study synthesises existing knowledge on community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) approaches in Cambodia. It identifies critical challenges and suggests ways to optimise the benefits of CBNRM in the context of climate change. Selected CBNRM initiatives include farmer water user communities, community fisheries, community-based ecotouris...

SAM Sreymom   (2016)

Enhancing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change

This handbook is designed for small farmers and local smallholders. Using understandable terms and clear, attractive pictures, it sets out some of the best farming practices for enhancing adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change. It explains:How climate change and human activities affect water resources and local livelihoods;What can be done to strengthen water governance for more effect...

Climate Change and Water Governance in Cambodia: Challenge and Perspectives for Water Security and Climate Change in Selected Catchments, Cambodia

This book is the major output of a three-year research project, “Climate Change and Water Governance in Cambodia”, implemented by seven partner institutions with financial support from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in three subcatchments of the Tonle Sap Basin. The findings confirm that changes in the climate are affecting local livelihoods, though effects vary dependin...

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