Working Papers   126

What Skills Training Do Cambodian Garment Workers Need?

Published: 03-May-2021
Keyword: Skills training, garment workers, marketable skills, Cambodia
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This study aimed to identify the current skills of Cambodian garment workers, whether or not they wanted to gain new skills and, if so, what those were. The results revealed that the greatest percentage – 60 – had acquired sewing skills, followed by quality control and packaging skills. More than two-thirds were also able to read, write and calculate, and could use the internet and social networks. Well over half – 67 percent – did not want more skills training relevant to their current employment, but would be interested in those relevant to self-employment – tailoring, makeup and wedding embellishment. Their unwillingness to gain more current work-related skills included a lack of time and interest, along with family commitments. Surprisingly, expensive tuition fees were not a major reason.

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