Working Papers   95

Impact of Farmer Organisations on Food Security: The Case of Rural Cambodia

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This study assesses the impact of participation in farmer organisations (FOs) on the food security of rural households in Cambodia. The study was started in November 2010 and completed in June 2012. The study set out to: (1) examine the roles, operations and challenges of FOs in improving household food security; (2) analyse the household characteristics that determine participation in FOs; (3) assess the impact of FOs on the food security and livelihoods of poor rural people; and (4) provide recommendations for changes in the legal and regulatory framework for FOs. Due to their predominance in Cambodia, the study concentrates on three FO types: farmer group (FG)–informal with 10-30 members; farmer association (FA)–more than 30 members, either informal or formal if registered at the Ministry of Interior; and agricultural cooperative (AC)–business-oriented, registered at the Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) and generally have more than 30 members.

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