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Family Background as the Determinant of University Student's Technological Readiness: Evidence from Cambodia

Published: 04-Dec-2022


While digital transformation around the globe has significantly gained momentum and speed, embracing technologies in our daily life is now beyond question. In this regard, we need to ask whether or not individuals are ready to accept and use technologies when provided and what really affects one's technology readiness. The main objective of this study is to understand the role of parents and family background in influencing an undergraduate student's technological readiness. We employ the Ordinary Least Square Regression method on nationally representative data known as the Cambodia Post-Secondary Student Survey 2020 with a sample size of 1,338 individuals. Results support the Technology of Skills Formation concept that parents, especially the mothers, play a crucial role socially and financially in influencing individuals' technology readiness which is measured by the Technology Readiness Index, a composite measurement hardly affected by any short-lived disruption. Moreover, parental education is negatively associated with children's technological readiness holding the wealth effect constant.

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