Working Papers   82

Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihoods in Inclusive Growth: A Review of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptive Capacity in Cambodia

Author(s): NANG Phirun

Published: 01-Jul-2013
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This review outlines existing knowledge (context-specific and localised) of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, assesses the limitations of different frameworks and approaches used by various initiatives in Cambodia, and identifies knowledge gaps for future research. It explores the impacts of climate change on livelihoods through three dimensions: (1) agricultural practices, technology, policy, irrigation, credit and markets; (2) community-based natural resources management and the roles of forest, fishery and water-user communities in protecting and managing resources; and (3) gender considerations. Analysis draws on existing literature on climate change impacts and adaptation, natural resources management, agricultural and livelihood development, and governance mechanisms, especially as they relate to climate change adaptation as an opportunity to promote inclusive growth.

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