04 November 2020

CDRI Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors (BoD) of the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) met at a virtual meeting on 3rd November 2020. All 10 existing BoD members attended and actively engaged in the deliberation and comments. For further information about CDRI BoD, please visit CDRI Website at

The Board meeting welcomed two new board members: 1) Mr Roland Rajah, Lead Economist and Director of International Economics Program, Lowy Institute, Australia 2) Mr Zhang Bao, Chief Correspondent of Cambodia Bureau, Southeast Asia News, Economic Daily, a Former Research Fellow of the Institute of World Development, Development Research Centre.

The Board reviewed and discussed the CDRI report on the institutional development, research and publication, and the financial status from January to December 2020, and their perspectives. The Board also reviewed and commented on the CDRI’s initial draft of the Strategic Plan 2021-26. 

The propose dates for 2021 CDRI Board meeting, 2021 Cambodia Outlook Conference and the CDRI 30th anniversary celebration were also discussed and agreed. The BoD has agreed on the next steps for further development of the current draft of the Strategic Plan (July 2021-June 2026) for BoD’s approval at its upcoming meeting in March 2021.

The Board noted that CDRI has made good progress in implementing its strategic plan July 2016-June 2021 which has been focused on the research works and dissemination related to agriculture, economics, education, environment/natural resources and climate change, governance and health, and key cross cuttings such as gender equality, sustainability, social well-being, equity and inclusiveness etc. CDRI is making head-way in the development of July 2021-June 2026 Strategic Plan taking into account the current and emerging funding landscape and the needs of the key partners/stakeholders, especially the Cambodian visions for 2030 and 2050, and the COVID 19 recovery and revitalization plans. 

CDRI established its Board of Directors in 1996. The Board is currently made up of 10 distinguished persons (half of whom are international and another half are of Cambodian heritage) with long and distinguished experience and expertise in relevant fields. All board members serve in their personal capacities. 

The role and responsibilities of the Board are to determine the mission and purpose of CDRI, to review the performance of the executive director, to ensure effective planning, to ensure adequate financial management, to monitor programmes and services, to contribute to the institute’s public image, and to provide a forum for the resolution of disputes.

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