Research undertaken by the Economics Unit contributes to an understanding of economic trends and their effects on different sectors of society. Recent studies cover diverse fields including a survey of small and medium-sized enterprises, the impact of health financing policy on household health expenditure, and issues related to chronic poverty and private sector development.

Economics Team

 • Hing Vutha, research fellow and unit head
 • Roth Vathana, research fellow
 • SRY Bopharath, research associate
 • Pon Dorina, field work coordinator
 • Ker Bopha, data analysis
 • Thun Sophorn, intern
 • Nou Entreavattey, intern

Ongoing Research Projects

  Research project

Funding source

Expected completion

  Inclusive Growth
    1. Poverty Dynamics
    2. Labour Markets
    3. Credit Markets


March 2015
June 2015
June 2015

  Greater Mekong Subregion Development Analysis Network:
      Improving Job Prospects for the Young Labour
      Markets, Skill Development and Private Sector in
      the Greater Mekong (GMS-DAN 10)



  Development Research Forum (DRF) Research Interest
  Group on Cambodia and Its Region


September 2015



December 2015

  Community Responses to Violence against Women
  (Domestic Violence) in Chi Kreang
  Commune, Siem Reap Province


April 2015

  Political Settlement and Primary Education in Cambodia

University of Manchester

May 2015

  Joint research projects

Funding sources

Expected completion

  ReBUILD: Impact of Health Finance Policy
  Change on Households


December 2015

  Child Labour
  a) Child Domestic Workers
  b) Impact of Adult Migration on Child Well-being 
  c) Landlessness and Child Labour

US Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs

November 2014

  Making TVET the Short and Medium Term
  Bridge Builder


November 2014


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