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A Celebration of CDRIís Contribution to Cambodia & An Emerging Generation of Young Leaders

The Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) was established in 1990. Itís name, in both Khmer and English, was chosen carefully to reflect its core commitment to human resource development in Cambodia. Initially a training institute located within the Ministry of Planning of the Cambodian government, it provided high quality training programmes for government officials in English language skills, computer skills, economics and development issues, meeting and negotiation skills, all much needed to equip Cambodian officials to deal with the challenges of Cambodiaís opening to the international community.

In 1993, as other agencies began to provide such training, CDRI assumed its primary role as an independent development policy research institute. A special Ďanukretí or regulation of government, issued at this time, mandated CDRI to be an independent Cambodia policy research institution with an independent Board of Directors and the highest standards of governance and accountability, and a continuing human resource development role.

Now in 2015, as CDRI celebrates its 25th anniversary, it does so in an environment virtually unrecognisable from that of its establishment in 1990. Just as Cambodia has grown, developed and changed, so has CDRI. It has grown and changed in the scope and quality of its development policy research programme, but also, most importantly, in the skills, professional qualifications and capacity of its Cambodian researchers and managers, both current and past.


Over its 25 years, many young Cambodians have learnt invaluable policy research skills, both through their experience working within the organisation, and through formal post-graduate education opportunities to acquire PhD and Masters degrees in some of the best universities in the world. Many have chosen to explore a professional career in research, in CDRI and other leading education and research institutions, but others have chosen to use these skills and qualifications to contribute to Cambodia through careers in government, the private sector, NGOs and international agencies. They are an invaluable resource for Cambodiaís future.

CDRI has therefore chosen the theme CDRI - 25 Years Young! A Celebration of CDRIís Contribution to Cambodia & An Emerging Generation of Young Leaders for its 25th anniversary celebrations.


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